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Can't sleep.

The straw that broke the camel's back.


A flip-flop of emotions.

Bright to down right darkness.

Don't want to try no more.


Pain is too much.

My mind running to fast.

My charcter has been attack..

Was it the truth?

Now I know why I remain a solitude soul.

I know I am not a perfect person.

Hell I don't like myself at this moment.

Nowhere to run.

Why? :'(

That is why i sit in first of a screen and release my thoughts and feelings ...

Nobody ...

God I can't enter a new year like this!

It's cold out.


My head hurts.

My spirit is broke.

Life sucks.

Yup, a trigger was pulled.

Huh.. just wrote words saying no way... but yup..way!

Lost my best friend too.

Besides ....

Just want this to come out...

But it won't.

Just a messed up soul.

You are mean!

No one cares, Debbie

What the shit are you doing up at 3am.

Asking for sympathy, more like begging for it.





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Posted on 08:21AM on Dec 12th, 2012
I don't mean to pry What has happened to you?
Posted on 11:36AM on Dec 12th, 2012
MB, what can we do to help? Anything?
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