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Walking Solo

One foot in front of the other.
Step by step
I journey to emotional growth.
I fought painful issues
Learned that no one needs to agree
To make it right for me.


.... Just so Surreal

... Don't wake me up. My dreamlike state... life is so surreal I feel ... sigh... wow.. I can't explain it. I have never been in this state, in such a dreamy life.
My mindset, my address, my life style... I thank the Heavens for such a blessed life that I have waited for all my life.


A Prayer

Dear God, 
          My loving, peaceful Father ....
How do you handle all the pain, suffering and evil in this world?

The Sound of Peace

The humming of wings in flight
The choir of tweets and chirps
The rush of moving water
Thoughts within

On The Road Again

Monday morning I am going on a road trip. I am going to go visit
friends and family. My mother is getting older, me too ;-) and I have friends that I miss.... So, away I go.
I have three days to visit friends and three days to be with Mom. I know time will fly by quickly. 

I love the trip back into the Ohio valley. The land's appearance changes so much from state to state. From climbing mountains to rolling hills, down to river bottoms. sigh...
I so love Mother Nature and every sight I see.

I will miss my man and home so after a good dose of visiting... I will be anxious to return and get back to my daily life I enjoy....every day!

Inch by Inch

You saw this from far away.
It kept catching your eye.
You studied it, wondering what it was.
It dawned on you it was just....
Still, your curiosity made you look closer
Huh...Doubt set in
So you move closer to see it better.
The closer you got, the more wrong you became.
Till it was right before your eyes to see it in a whole different light.

It does make a big difference....

The way you were raised.
The parents you have/had.
What you experienced at an early age.
It formed your outlook on life.
Some never realizing how lucky they are to have such fine and loving parents.

The ones that only have known disappointment, shame, hatred, lack of support.
They have seen the worst of life and people, at an early age.
But some of the hard-knock souls, they are more excepting of things, others ways.
Some are just hard-core, they forgot how to love.
Not their fault at all... sad.

The ones who have had a good raisings in a loving family, judge harshly of the battered souls of this world.
They are the losers.
They can't understand... somethings, sometimes... you got to do what you got to do..right or wrong, just to survive.
At the time of mistakes, unknowingly... it's only going to get worse if they continue on their path.
These hurting souls will try, do, anything to escape their sorrows...even for a minute.
No one asked to be a drunk or junkie..or a lady of the night.... it just happened while their minds and souls were so in pain.


One Good Day

Company is here and we have big plans for the day.
First comes breakfast.... Pecan pancakes with bacon.
Clean up and out the door we go... to cut wood in the woods.
From 11am to 5pm three of us cut wood...!
We kicked butt and took names! *smile*
Dragging that butt home to shower and start fixing supper.
Hot shower renews the body and mind.
Sooo..what's for supper....
One 2pd Chuck roast with onions, gr.peppers, cabbage, carrots, potatoes cooked slowly in oven. Corn and green beans simmering. One pecan pie cooling. Dinner rolls and ice tea.
Come and get it!
Lord have mercy... tummy full, crossed eyed with sleepiness, time to call it a day.
Good night, sleep tight... yawns..............................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Missing in action... keyword...Action.
With Spring here at last, my to do list growing bigger.
Just like the seeds inside the house here...
Besides all the adapting, adjusting to a new life, a new love even a new style of living....
Lordy be.. I am still in awe.
It still doesn't seem real!
Like I am on vacation, an adventure or walking around in a dream.
Now I find myself...content, carrying a peace of mind. Which is a first for me.
I am not saying everything unfolding in my new life, with my new love is all hunky-dory.
It's my attitude, happiness that can contend with any complications.
So, my explanation for not being around more is I am so busy with all the growth in me and my surrounds, time flies by............

The Cell

While the Winter exists 
Warmth of Spring is arriving
I draw within, with focus.
Seeds spouting
Preparing the surroundings
With rake in hand
My thoughts, feelings of anew
Brings a quiet, calm spirit.

Good Boy Treat

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Cuddling, Comics and Crackers

It was a long cold winter that was filled with memories. Not all our winter days were hunkydory. But there are a handful of moments that will stay with me/us for days/years to come.
As my man and I begin to share and care for one another, there were learning and loving days that will linger in my mind and heart.

One day while we were snowed in feeling bored and restless, we decided to just stay in bed. I grabbed some comic books and a pack of assorted crackers. ;-)
It was going to be a day neither one of us had ever had.

We cuddled up, talked on a level we both enjoyed with laughter and love. Which lead to a day of love making and friendship that opened a door for us both. We blended, and spent time with each other like we never have done. Funny how one day can make so much difference.

The bond that was sealed that day will always remain with us. sigh... Life is good!



For 16 days...but who is counting, since I traveled off  this snowy mountain top.
Good and bad can happen when so idle, bored... snowed in and no place to go.
Not even a good hike through the woods. I tried a few times to go for a wintery hike...lordy be, it exhausted me. I waded a foot of snow, and trying to travel up a mountain side... at my age. Yup, it got thebest of me.

We have tried twice to get out to town but.. no such luck. My man walked out with a wheel-barrow in hand. He went to a neighbor's to ask for a ride to a small town to get some supplies. Only his feet and a two-wheel wheel-barrow could travel our driveway. It did not come easy for him, I was very proud of his strength and will-power.
But.... giggles with an evil grin... When the first snow storm was coming, I voiced that we needed to drive a car to the cemetery, which is on a paved road.... He saw no need, yup.. he has changed his tune. Am I bragging... yes. *smile* We are living and learning together.

Many things we are learning by being so close, shut-in! ;-) If a person doesn't mind or I should say... Allow themselves to learn and change.. it's all good, hardtimes sometimes.
What once served a person doesn't mean it serves you well in a changing life. ...A different life.

So, we tried to get out again this morning, a lot of snow has melted but it still is slippery...water on snow and ice is a B.....! We traveled about a quarter of a mile, and our first upgrade.. stopped us, half way up.
So... at the moment, I am all dressed up and no place to go... but crazy! LOL.... nope... all is well.

The Acorn

This fall I found the beginning of a tree.
Just barely peeping out the shell.
An unearth dirty lonely acorn.
I brought it to the house.
Then gathered dirt, filled a cup and reburied it.
Today it has four leaves.
Hmmnn what a blessing to see.


Enjoyed the snow yesterday. We built a snowman... scary looking but... *smile*
Not a thing to say.... getting depressed... bored to death... and tired of the cold.
Yup... I am complaining. sigh....


Hmmn . . .

What's a gal to do? Snowed in. No phone. Four vehicle, stuck in place.
I want a 4-wheeler or a 4 wheel-drive truck.
Strike..the word "want" ... instead ... Need!



I say I am Me.
So why is it so hard to be free?

Is the need for being excepted so great,
It would determine my own fate?

I get tired of the ramblings in my head.
I pray someday soon I can speak out, and it will be said.

My Very Own Refuge

I have this special place I go to, to see many types of birds, plus squirrels and chipmunks.
All in one glace of the eye.
In my back yard is a gathering of Pines and Hollys.
In those trees are feeders and my man spreads seed all about beneath the pines.
Let's see . . . . There is the famous Pileated woodpeckers, the beautiful black and white Downys and of course... Red-Headed woodpecker. They love peanut butter!
The Nuthatchers bouncing around, up and down and Titmouses are so active, and always hungry.
Then there are so many different kinds of Finches and Sparrows. At times, the ground is coated with them. When one flys in fear, all fly away. Same with when they return to the comes one and the trees empty upon the ground. too cool!
But the fearless Chickadees and Juncos never flitch.
There were 25 Morning Dove this morning filling their bellies.
The Flycatches, Towhees, Thrashers, Warblers, tiny Wrens even come to visit us...well the feeders that is.
With all the motion, activity about, my eyes are always fitted upon the bright colors that so stands out of the Cardinals and Bluejays.
The other day, a group of ..oh... over a dozen Robins came flying in. The whole lot of birds disappear. huh...
I love my birds but ..wait.. can't forget about the larger birds I have seen here...
There were a couple of Bald Eagles, American Eagles as well. The Red-tail Hawks...Buzzards ;-) and the old Crows.
Psssttt... there are Bears and Cats here in these mountains too!
sigh... I feel so Blesed, and I thank my God each day.


Thicket Of Trees

I remember when I first layed eyes on you.
I was in awe of your numbers and size.
I would stand outside your limits and felt like I stood in front of a great wall.
The sun light was all about, till it met up with you.
The sun light became beams, streaking inside you.
I decided to follow those beams of light one day.
That filtered through out the maze of trees.
Every step held a new sight and another tree.
I spent hours wondering about within.
Till I exited your realm.
I turned around and glazed at your boundery and wondered back in.
I was no longer in fear of you but felt right at home.

All Shook-up

And I ain't dancing neither! ;-)
The Devil is here to collect.
I am reaping what I have sown.
It's time to pay the piper.
What a messed-up attitude I carry.
I will not run, I will face my troubles.

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