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Beautiful Dreamer

. . . .  wake unto me.

It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting . . . .Before a dream is realized, the soul of the world tests everything that was learned along the way. It does this not because it is evil, but so that we can, in addition to realizing our dreams master the lessons we have learned as we have moved toward that dream. That's the point at which most give-up . . . [at this point] Tell your heart that the fear suffered when it goes in search of it's dreams, because every second of search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity. ~ Paulo Coelho

Dreams lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil. ~James Allen

The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acron, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities. ~James Allen

Dream on!


Breaking The Law

There are three kinds of law:

Social and moral law, or culturally acceptable behavior.

Civil and criminal law, or legally accepted behavior.

Universal law, or cause and effect.

We may avoid the consequences of breaking the first two, but never the third.

The Spider and One Ant

It's been a long hard day for me. I have been cleaning-up outside around our home. Cutting down small unwanted trees, weeds and raking up. Almost nightly I start a fire with all the debris I have gathered and any boxes that have been unpacked. Tonight as I watched over the fire, I got tired of standing so I just sat right on down on the ground. As I past the time, as the fire died down, I also watched the ground.

You know, it's a very busy world on the ground. All kinds of bugs roaming around, working and going a hurry at times. I saw very tiny holes that tiny ants had opened up house, right next to a pebble. :-) I then caught eye of this one ant who was working so hard to bring food back to his home. Over hills he drugged his prized catch. It was a black spider that was 3 to 4 times his size. He pulled and twisted his way through his terrain holding tight to his food. I felt sorry for him so I thought I'd make his path easier.

OMG.. yup, I messed it and him all up. I flick to much dirt and he got buried alive. I found the spider, flicked it with a stick...out in the open and watched for him. Sure enough, the ant came out of all the dirt and roamed around till... *smile* He found his catch...He began his journey once again, in the same direction. Of course I did not try to help out again.

If humans had the will of an ant, the power of just one ant.... the determination of an ant.... We, us humans would be an awesome race!

Me Time

I have been going 90 miles a minute for... dear God... for as long as I can remember.

My new home is order. Enough for me to say...STOP.

Today, I play. Today and for the next three-four days the weather is going to be great. So, I am getting out from behind walls and ceilings. I am going to work/play outside, unpacking my rocks..yes..I packs pounds of rock to form another rock garden. I even brought some beautiful draftwood to blend in with all my pretty rocks. I mean.. hey... folks here are going to love it as well when they come to see us. No draftwood in the mountains and the rocks that I love so are from many different states, colors and sizes that make you go...ahhhhh wow!


It is Sunday, night has fallen. I sit here and rerun all the special moments I had.
From the first moment when my love arrived, I felt alive.
Since we can only be together on weekend due to his job, the first hours are spent talking.. the truth of the matter is.... I talk, he listens. lol...
Then the rest of the night, sigh oh my! we love, please each other, body, soul and mind. 
 In the morning we had french toast and scramble eggs, then just for me, bacon too!

I am an intense... passionate woman. ;-) sigh....... Our love doesn't not come without problems. When something triggers my mood, and it always does....(Some day, very soon, we will have this problem solved too).... this high-stung mode of mine.. I get on a soapbox and release all that I hold inside. My love, my dear man stays calm, he listens, he loves and he speaks truth. We always have been able to talk about anything! I mean anything, the good, postive, even the bad, and ugly.
Then I listen and... right before your eyes, There is a happy, in-love, calm woman! That is special, WE have a special kind of Love! sigh.......

After breakfast we got ourselves ready for a hike. We get our boots on, pack our packs with snacks, drinks and tp. We grab the guns, walking sticks and away we go! Oh.. I grab my camera too ... bless his heart. Every few yards I get all excited at the beauty around me and I must stop and get a picture. This time I got into mushroom... omg.. all the different colors, shapes and... I will learn to get them off my camera and share these awesome sights.

We think we found the mountain lions den. The man who years ago timber this land told us that one of the birdhouses that Bill put up was right above the den. Well, Bill hung many... dozen or more of them. But he said it was on the rightside of the path.
 We worked our way down to the creek. It was racing from all the rain, for the past week! It is so beauty, it's our place, on our place just for us! *smile* We are so blessed beyond words! We had our drinks and snack plus my old dog went with us. Jessie had to rest, he will be 15 years old in March.

When we headed back, we stopped along the way, to allow me to practice with my birthday gift. A single shot 410, light as a feather, with short stock and barrel. It's a snake charmer, that will blow away any critter that gets in my way that means harm to me. *smile* It took me a couple of practice shots to get the feel of the shotgun, but I got it. It kicks butt!

Then it was supper time. Salmon cakes, real mashed potatoes and corn... plus cheesecake for dessert. Yummy! I turned on the TV, Bill finally relaxed enough to lay his head on my lap and pass out. I slid a pillow under his head and watched more TV... the movie, Notebook was on... what a lovely love story...sigh... Anyways, I folded clothes and after the movie, it was time for me to sleep.
I dare not wake Bill, so I moved the coffee table over, grabbed my pillow and blanket ..crashed on the floor besides him. I needed to be close *smile*

Sunday morning was started out delightful ;-) We finished off the cheesecake for breakfast. Bill spent his morning putting together my computer and setting up my birthday from my son, a game camera. We noticed that the mountain loin, had a young one... raises brow... So, between the black bears, deer, turkeys... ohhh..I saw a turkey that I swore was 40 pds... I asked Bill if that was stretching the truth... he said But we will be getting some great shots and we can't wait to see what this camera catches. *smile*

It was time for him to hit the road. I don't like goodbye, so he departs quickly. I watch till his car disappears into the woods and begin to cry. sigh.........


I scream, He roars!

I am into a routine already. I like it like that. Doing my chores the same way, on a different day. Keeps things simple.

Last night when I came from the cat house giving them their last meal of the day, I am watching carefully as I leave their house due to the soaking rains, so very slippery. My eyes caught my neighborhood black bear. I stood still and out came a yell... maybe you could call it a scream ;-). He stood and roared so loud it sent chills up my spine. He turned around and ran, I never knew a black bear could run so quickly and disappear into the woods... cool!
A few minutes past and I heard him at the top of his lungs again and came out bearing pot and spoon. I started my bang bang bang with my pot, and he went quiet. I sat on the porch, now my shoot gun loaded and ready. I then heard him roar on the otherside of the mountain and two very powerful gun shoots went off just a bit away.... huh?

Like that wasn't enough to put me on alert, night fall came. It gets dark in these woods, let me tell you. Couldn't see your hand in front of your face if you wanted to. ;-) A storm was coming too boot, I could hear the thunder echoing through the mountains. The down pour began just as I was closing all the windows. I am going back to my work, so much to do.... When all of a sudden, the electricity went out! OMG!!!! I had to get my bearings and felt my way through the house to the living room where my flashlight was. I lite my candle and moments later... Let there be lights!!! sigh...... cool!
That brings new light to me too. I must fill up my lanterns and place candles where need be. wow... I am ALIVE! Scared sh!tless at times but... *smile* I am living out loud.


The whole theory of the Universe is directed unerringly to one single individual .... namely to YOU.
~ Walt Whitman

Moving of body, soul and mind....

Moving in itself is a hard adjustment. Lots of work and one weary body. I am trying to slow my mind down enough to relate in type... wow...
This move I have just made, not only in my surroundings, but my soul/spirit is adjusting to the newness that is at hand. With all this beauty, and peace there is no doubt that great change will come over me... into who I long to be.
I hear my unquiet mind and pray that it will soon react, relate to my new home. Can't quite say it is silent here... *smile*... The breeze is always present, the leaves rustle around with it. The birds are echoing each other through out the mountain side. I can hear the rain traveling towards me. hmmmnn sigh..
Total different way of life, that I have seemingly prepared all my life for.
I have dreamed of this moment, this way of life.
A new chapter begins.


Road Trip To Home

Here I am, full of excitement and extremely anxious!
I get a text to confirm my U-Haul reservations for tomorrow. They updated my truck from a 14ft to 26ft. omg... plus my car transport... This will be a trying trip to say the least.
I can't even think to write or even speak...
So.... Be back when I get my Dish services next week. I am sure that I will have more than enough to rattle about then.

~see ya Take care xo... I am going Home!!! *smile*

Mountain Security

The motion activated security light went off. I ran to the window and....
Huh... I see you now, you won't be sneaking in on me any longer!
I pound my pan loudly, the mountain lion frozed, the light blinded him.
The loud echoing sound of metal on metal thawed her out of the frozen postion, into a dead run. Never to hunt this space again. *smile*

Well that is how I hope this story will unfold. As I said, this mountain lion, loves our picnic table that sits on the wrap around porch. Found her tracks all around the house and she killed a can of hornet spray, which left her fang marks in the can. This last visit, she is....
Why do I call the mountain lion "she" because the paw prints, tracks show the cat is about 65 pds. I researched size and prints to make sure I was correct.
Anyways, the last time, she just came walking on the ... just swept porch and left her muddy/sandy tracks.
All the way to her bed, our picnic table.... that we moved clear across the other side of the porch. Her tracks showed that she stopped dead in her tracks where the table once was, went no further and turned around and walked off. We were asleep upstairs while she was trying to catch up on her rest. *smile*

The black bears ... no problem, this cat, nope... she is to move along, unharmed, I wish.


Don't Be Scared

I have this fluttering in my gut, my heart is rapidly beating, sleep isn't coming easy, my eating is all off.
I check my to do list, I double check what is packed before taping boxes closed.
I feel my brain is two steps ahead of my feet.
I know how much my life is about to change.
The new experiences that lie ahead of me.
I feel so blessed! 
The biggest change is going to be within.
I wish to be all I can be.
I want to get life right before I get too old to do anything about it. 
This is the biggest event of my 58 years of life.
My dreams of a certain lifestyle is at hand.
I take a deep breath.... tell myself over and over again....
Don't Be Scared!

They'll be coming around the mountain when they come.....

As soon as the well-digger left, the contractors that are doing a few things for us arrived. They get out of their trucks carrying a slower, happier style about them. They greet us with smiles and how are you today. As we small talked, one of the workers begin to tell us that he saw a black bear just down the driveway. He said about 300 pd one. Then are so many patches of wild blackberries, I am sure he came for breakfast. *smile*

One of the things they were there for today was to wait for the tressels to be delivered. We have a 30 by 30 garage getting a new roof, which will be my work shop to make my jewelry and.. a space to hang my craft flowers this coming spring and summer. I do believe I will have enough space to do all I wish to do in this nice garage.

After discussing business, settling a few decisions, we were off to fetch supplies to turn a decent size chicken coop into a cat coop. ;-) My love has accepted me and all my furry children as his... Please pray for him! lol...
We were half way down the lane driveway when the tractor-trailer with the tressels came over the hill. OK.... only one thing to do, we drove back to the house in reverse. The trucker looked a tad worried, uptight as it was and us in his way... welll... we were all happy to get to the house. He jumps out of his truck, shaking his head ....I could tell he was glad he made it. Hey.. the blacktop road is one wild and crazy drive. You never know what's on the otherside of a hairpin curve.

The drive to a fairly good size town is only 13 miles away. But it takes at least 40 minutes to get there from home. Yup, a drive you best slow down, sit back, and enjoy the beauty all around BUT be alert. I love this place, all the surroundings, just too perfect, so surreal.
We get to town, pick a new cafe to eat at and off to the hardware store. We gather what we needed, nails, chicken wire, shovel, saw and such. *smile*
Our drive back, my love took the long way home. Dear me, this state is a never ending wonder. I still can't get over the freshness that is in the air. The waterways are sooo clear! The trees are all so tall. Everyone , ...almost everyone wears a smile on their faces. ....
All my life, I wanted to find a place I felt that I belonged. Well, I've finally arrived, I am home. *smile*

After a long night's travel, meetings first thing in the morning with others and little sleep.... When we returned home, car loaded, stomaches full, a drive through Heaven that would relax anyone ... we were ready for down time.... ;-) Us time, alone at home, .....

Pulls down shades....... Later!

The Home Stretch

Lordy, where do I begin to descibe my blessed weekend... I don't know if words can express the importance of all the events, and experiences that I, We, had this weekend alone. Every single time, since Our first meeting back in May of 2013, We experience new and different things. Our time together has always been over the top enjoyable, blessed beyond words. .... sigh..
Back to the home stretch, this weekend, was filled with amazing...Amazing sights and sounds which included the local mountain folks and critters!! .... I can not write this all today. Too much occur this blessed weekend, this will be Part 1.
I will begin at the top....

The end of our working day, Thursday, we were heading from opposite direction, to the same destination, toward our home. His drive is about 7 hrs and mine 8 hours. He gets to the cemetery and waits for me. It's the last place on the twisting blacktop road, before you enter our dirt mile long driveway, straight back into the woods. *smile*
Most folks would not dare come down this dirt mountain road. They have no idea where it leads. This is good!!! It's the way we wished it to be. Rough, slow driving, but private, our driveway!

First you come to an electric swinging gate, with tennis balls on the very end of the metal frame. Then the frame has these hot wires dangling, lined across the bottom of the frame. Too cool, one must keep arms inside at all times. *smile* You drive through slowly and this hot gate consumes your car, from one end to the other. Just a short distance away is the second gate, just a gate that you must get out of the car and unlock, open... drive through.. go back and shut it, chain firmly around post. All to keep the cattle from grazing into the woods.

This begins our way toward our beautiful moutain home that is waiting on our arrival.
Before you know it, the woods is all about you. It's like you have just entered another world. The sights and sounds.. and smells are all different. Breath taking is what it is! We continue towards the house, almost creeping through rough patches, not the whole driveway is this rough... well.. not if it's been a dry spell ;-)

You can see the creek below the road, all the trees and wild rhododendrons in bloom... just awesome! As we travel deeper into the woods, the silence is all around us. A peaceful easy feeling washes through me, I smile from ear to ear. I count my blessing ..right then and there. I am the luckiest lady alive!! While I am in awe, I see the sunshine at the end of the ... path of ours. There it is... Home!!!!

We had several purposes for this weekend, one was to meet up with the well-digger, to have a back up water supply. The one we have now is fed from the mountain spring, which springs flow underground all on our mountain. The well-digger came with his ..wand/stick and began his walk... he is for real.. the mountain folks will tell you this. His wand danced for a second and drew his hands down to ..the spot! We flagged it, got the permit and... soon, a new fresh water well will be in place.

Well, time to shake a leg and get a few things done.... BUT... I wish I had the time and brain power to tell you all about the 300 pound black bear and the mountain lion who misses his bed, our picnic table. *smile*

Bad Medicine

You do not want to go through the torture! You can't stomach it! You dance all around it, that you will get time. Let your mind and body heal naturally... Yes, that's what you'll do.

Time passes by, you are still sick. Why, cause you wouldn't go through a belief moment, that would help you get healthy. You refused to take your medicine just because it tasted bad.

What happens when the mind and or spirit gets sick? Like the body, the mind and spirit, need some kind of TLC. You need something to help heal you. The mind and spirit, they really go hand in hand. One effects the other.. well.. huh...when any of the three, mind, body and spirit gets sick... YOU become very ill all over, through and through. It causes lack of growth, it can kill you if not tended, or healed.

Getting well physically, at times you must take your medicine. Or maybe alittle extended care with therapy. This also can apply to an illness of the mind or spirit.

Sigh....I have been fighting my insecurities, my demons, my fears of lately. Man... I've been busy!!! Multi-tasking... Packing to move and cleaning our my "cell". Both are hard work!
Anyways, I believe to grow, to heal and be healthy mentally and spirtually, the bad medicine you must take is to confront your insecurites, demons, fears. You must be brutally honest!!! Look at yourself, see yourself and then go after what is ailing you, causing your sickness. It isn't going to taste good at all, it can turn your stomach.

Honest self-awareness is the key to growth and healthiness.You may need to take your medicine, that can make you gag... *smile*... but only for a moment. Then before you know it, all better.

10 0f Pentacles

As I dig deep into my storage of days...years gone by, I am finding all kinds of things that are triggering emotions.

My house fire took everything from me. But just a handful of things survived. One book, a pen of grandma's, some blackened artifacts/arrowheads and one Tarot card.
While opening this one tin, I found my smoked colored arrowheads and the 10 of Pentacles on top.
Now if any of you know the meaning of the 10 of Pentacles, it showing up, the only survior of my deck... Finding it right after losing eveything you worked for ...well.. it was not very nice.

The (keywords) meaning of the 10 of Pentacles is ~ prosperity, joy, stability, expansion, favorable placment, alignment in life, things falling into place. WELLLL I'll tell you.. this did not apply to my situationthat time in my life .. at all. I placed the card in the tin with my arrowheads in 2004 and forgot it till two days ago.

When I discoveried it again, I cried with shaking tears at my memory of my loss and then went into a laughing tear jerking mode. If ever in my life could the meaning of the 10 of Pentacles would apply to me ...
It's the here and now. Never have I known any of the keywords, meaning of this card. I do now! Go figure. *smile* 

A Secret To A Long And Happy Marriage

Is . . . .

The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.

The story is told of a couple at their golden wedding anniversary celebration. Surrounded by her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, the wife was asked the sercet to a long and happy marriage. With a loving glance toward her husband, she answered; "On my wedding day, I decided to make a list of ten of my husband's faults which, for the sake of the marriage, I would overlook. I figured I could live with at least ten faults."

A guest asked her to identify some of the faults she had chosen to overlook. usband looked a bit troubled at the thought of having his foibles and flaws revealed to the assembled group. However, his wife sweetly replied , "To tell you the truth, dear, I never did get around to listing them. Instead, every time my husband did something that made me hopping mad, I would simply say to myself, Lucky for him that's one of the ten."

Even the most devoted friends and spouses will experience storms in their relationships from time to time. Some problems are worth addressing in order to solve them. Others are best left undiscussed. In time, issues of little importance tend to blow past without any need for a "blowup."

From ~ God's Little Devotional Book for women.


Set them in order.
Follow through.
Hard work is at hand.
Stay focused, if need be, put on blinders.
Look straight ahead.
Do not venture off path.

On your mark
Get ready
Go.... and she is more ways than one.

Count Down

Time to get down to the nitty gritty!!

I bow my head in prayer, I ask the Heavens for their guidance. To strengthen me as I travel down this new, amazing, unknown path. I pray that I do not disappoint myself nor my love ones ... in any way. I pray for the knowledge to prosper.

We all write our own book of life. With every thought through out our lives. I have come to my lengthy *smile* last chapter of my life. Giggles... well, to tell you the truth, I bet this final stretch of my life, I could end up writing a book, instead of my final chapter of my book of life.

I was thinking the other day about an older blog I wrote about my progess report, all true. I think I might edit it and add on... Anyways, never have I gave up on living amongst the wild wilderness/woods. Living off the land, living out loud. Not worrying over my neighbors, which meant... I did not want to see my neighbor. ;-) I wanted a small self-sufficient farm. One to serve me, feed me, supply me without paying anyone but me. My pay was the glory, pleasure of suppling myself through my own labor. To rely on my own... and yes, my soulmate. x

Well, it's all coming true, like my dreams I have carried all my life. The challenge is here, the dream is reality now. The mind trips are at hand too... lol.. may I add. WOW! What a trip this is going to be. I feel very blessed, I am thankful, I am honored that through this trying life I have been placed in... That it "will" have a happy ending. *smile*
Well, all my rewards, blessings came to me in abundance! A very special mate, partner, friend, playmate, ..more ways than going for hikes and bike rides ;-) ...All rolled up in a nice pretty box... My lovely new home, sitting amongst the trees, all forest critters, and the sounds of Mother new neighbors that I welcome. *smile*

Time for the hard work, I am ready... unsure of myself abit ... I am not as young as I use to be. I know I must chill and take baby steps. Not to go at it like a gang-buster, not just because of my strength, but all newness needs time for processing. If I go to quickly at things, I cannot absorb it all. It will make me off balanced. Luckly, my soulmate is very accepting of me and my ...nature. ;-) I can be a bet hyper, and intense female. I try too hard, I want it perfect! ....

See.. more ways of changing then just locations, but the whole ball of wax, inside and outside. This is going to be awesome! For myself, I wish to record, take notes, to watch myself. As I type-out my changing moods, thoughts, activities.
We do not need TV but we will have our internet. I will need it this spring as my winter mission is to produce jewelry to sell. The net is a fine place to do so. I might just get back into my herbs. Herbs for culinary, medicinal, teas and aromatic uses..and just the ornamental ones too. So many possiblities, so exciting. SOOO much on my mind.




I can't think of one thing that I enjoy more than a good belly laugh.... wellll... maybe I can ;-)
But I'll stick to talking about laughter.
Have you ever noticed that if you are down and out, someone will try to make a funny.... and you force that smile, chuckle back...
That is being determined to be a sour-puss, not going with the flow.
If you allowed yourself  that ..HA.. *smile* It works magic. It heals. It washes you. It changes attitudes. It makes you feel younger. It makes the world better.

Tears can be turned into laughter.
It is up to you. Do you want to laugh or cry?

It's true, you know... When you are smiling, the whole world smiles with you.
Live the here and now. It doesn't hurt to be mindless, free, a time-out for a good time filled with laughter. Enjoy yourself. Live, Love and Laugh!

Have you ever noticed . . .

When others are set in their ways, they're obstinate... but you are firm and resolved.

When your neighbor doesn't like your friend, she's prejudiced...but when you don't like her friend, you're a good judge of human nature.

When she tries to treat someone especially well, she's buttering up the person...but you do so, you're being thoughtful.

When she takes time to do things well, she's lazy...but when you do so, you're meticulous.

When she spends a lot, she's a spendthrift...but when you overdo, you're generous.

When she picks flaws in things, she's critical...but when you do, you are perceptive.

When she is mild-mannered, you call her weak...but when you are, you're gracious.

When she dresses well, she is extravagant...but when you do, you're tastefully in style.

When she says what she thinks, she's spiteful...but when you do, you're being honest.

When she takes great risks, she's foolhardy...but when you do, you're brave.

Faults are thick where love is thin!

A page out of "God's Little Devotional Book" for women

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