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It's strange, overwhelming, down right magical how the events of one's life can turn around, all the old disappears ... something happens and your whole world has changed.
Love can save a soul from drowning.
I am here to witness out loud that Love can even melt frozen fears.
That just one human being on earth can rescue a drowning soul and bring life back.
Love can reach to the lowest depth, yank you up and give you mouth to mouth resuscitation.  ;-)

Climber, I love all of you with all of me! X


Tiny Bubbles

I have this magnet that says...
Advice from a River ~ Go with the flow ... Immerse yourself in nature ... Slow down and meandor ... Go around obstacles ... Be thoughtful of those downstream ... Stay current ...The beauty is in your journey.
Those are pretty postive words, great even. But inside my head screams..BULLSHIT!

The dam broke, the rush of too much water at one time can cause damage. I saw the wave coming but I did nothing. Instead I watched the wave pick me up, it has been tossing me around for awhile now.

Have you ever watched something sink as it disappears to the bottom of water? It has tiny bubbles that surface as the last air leaves.
That's me, I am sinking fast. I don't know how to swim in these waters. Been months now that I've tried to stay afloat, but the current of the muddy water is too much for me.
There is no one to throw me a life preserver, no one in hearing distance to yell "Help... I'm drowning!"
My stress level is over the top. It has effected my health,... Sick mind, sickens the soul and the body will follow.
I've almost drowned several times in my life but I always seem to find something to hold on it. I sunk too far this time to even see anything to grab hold of... the water is so muddy.

If... IF I make it to safe ground again, it will be a miracle.  :'-(

It's As Good As It Gets Folks!

I went out to a very fancy club last night with a handful of up-tight, self-centered, insecure, friends.

Don't beat me down with your rude comments and sly nasty remarks to make yourself feel better about yourself. I don't care if you don't like me, cause I sure the hell don't like you!

Arrogrant ass-holes! How dare you! All of you!

I do NOT need to prove myself to anyone! I like who I am. Roars......................!!!!

I don't care what degree you carry, or business you own... it doesn't make you a better person. Maybe more money in the pocket but... I know enough folks with more money than they know what to do with and are the most miserable souls on earth.

No one has paid my way through life. No one lend a hand as I tried to survive and make ends meet.

I do believe... I am very tired of telling, sharing with people. I am giving you all too much power over me. Too Much Information!!!! You all don't know me. You only know what I tell you. The rest of the story is not for all to know. I dare anyone to walk a mile in my shoes!

I am a loner, by choice... The older I get the more convinced I wish, need to remain such! I don't need anything from anyone... Thank you very much!

It Takes Time

A few years ago I wrote a blog about giving birth to one's self. From the day the seed becomes fertile through the cycles of gestation, to the painful birth of a new one.

This birth, is when one sees the self awakening from being lost. A seed had been planted. With love, time, patience, and plenty of light and warmth will the self hopefully grow healthy through the cycles till their grand entrance.

The moments of this birth, that comes with the awakening of the soul is quite painful. You got to do a lot of pushing! ;-) Till all of a sudden, you see light at the end of the tunnel. You breathe in your first breath of life. And you let out a holler.

From there the self learns to do all kinds of cool new stuff.  They adjust to this new life. They learn to crawl and finally can take off in a full run.

I am at the stage of walking, sometimes too fast and I lose my balance. Feeling like a big girl and into everything..*smile* My terrible twos.

Where this post came from... your guess is as good as mine. lol.. I figure I am trying to remind myself that it takes time to grow into who I will be some day.


Tomorrow, My Future

Some people have the means to plan for their future, retirement.
Some even can purchase a future.
Others are even looking forward to the future. Putting all their eggs in one basket just for the future.

As I grow older and I have no means, plans, or am I looking forward to the future.
I struggle every day, hoping to make ends meet. The so-called eggs, I have to eat them everyday, so the basket stays empty.
Please tell me the secret of the future!
How does one prepare?
What do you need, besides the mighty dollar?
I don't even know who I will be in the future.
I have changed through out the years with the changing events of my life... I had to adjust, adapt and accept many different ways of life, in many strange places.
So how on earth should, could or would I plan for my future?
I have no idea.

I guess the old saying is true.
Live each day like the last day of your life!
At my age, I could take my last breath any day...or a truck could hit me... if I am lucky.. I wouldn't die.
Now I have a future... I will sue the driver and I will live happily everafter!
The End.

Sights and Sounds Of Spring

Today I feel, smell Spring in the air! I am seeing gathering of Robins and other birds in flight. I see my daffodils are breaking the ground, up about three inches... too cool.
The sky is as blue as it can get and I am getting dressed asap ..right after I post this. *smile*

I am getting my wet saw out and begin slicing my rocks. I have a full work week ahead and since this is such a fine Spring day....

I'm out of here. *smile* sigh.......................... Thank the Heavens for change of season! SOLOR POWER!

My Choice Of Drug

I am a junkie.
I am an addict.
I cannot help myself.
I love it!
I want more.

If I don't get my drug of choice,
I go off the wall!!
I am so sad, in pain.
My life has no meaning.
I just want to die!

This drug makes me feel alive!!!!
I cannot get enough of it.
I ache for it.
I even drool!

What's got ahold of me,
I have totally surrendered to.
I am at it's mercy!

My addiction, the drug of my choice is LOVE!


Rocking My Life Away

When I say I am a rock hound, I am not exaggerating.
I have a few irons in the fire these days. There is one thing all these irons have in common, rocks!
I must consider my rocks and their care first in all that is unfolding in my life.

Believe it or not, *smile* I have carried some of these rocks around for most of my life. Matter of fact, I have carried buckets, containers, boxes of rock from one place to another.

Sooo, imagine a 57 years old lady and just how many rocks can she gather. ;-) Well, my rock garden is about 5ft wide and 50 ft long layed with rocks from coast to coast. One by one, year after year more rocks find their way to my house. I cannot, will not part with most of them.

I am about to be creative with some of these rocks that I am putting aside. ... In buckets, containers and boxes. :) Some are semi-precious gems in the raw to river-tumbled rocks. They will become jewelry and art.

That leaves about .... you have seen them.. the Tidy cat litter buckets, I can fill about 20 more of those containers with the rest of the rocks in my gardens. That's not including the larger sized ones... I just pick them up and they..themselves are heavy enough. *smile* 

The sorting of my rocks has begun. It takes a long time to do this, I end up in awe of each one all over again as I sort and pack-up my rocks. lol... I love being forever young. Doesn't take much to entertain me, a simply rock will do!

I Have A Voice!

Just a little table talk on this ,... looks out the window, gloomy cold winter day. :-) I think I wanna rattle today. I have a lot of things running through my head...go figure huh? *smile*

After this post, I am getting ready for a buying spree. I need one wet-saw, a dremel and any, all bits/tools to go with it. I am on a mission. If I do not attempt this mission... I do not get to get any more stones. :-(
I need to practice and create ... something with my stones that I have collected already before I get more.  The flint Climber and I went mining for, I have 63 pds of rock, I don't want to rid myself of any one of the rocks I have! lol We gather awesome pieces of the most beautiful flint on earth... yup... I am in love with rocks and minerals. Been a rock hound for... all my life, I 've been pocketing rocks since I was knee-high. So... if I want more pretty rocks, I got to use some... so I am! *smile*  

I am in this transformation, huh... been in one since No seriously, one very huge improvement is I have discoveried, I have a voice! I have an opinion too! I am not afraid to ..."roat the boat." I am not perfect but I guess I will allow it! ;-) I have pulled many veils off myself.... as I, start sorting, peeling away the layers of who I am. I am no longer scared to death of anyone.. not even myself ... to see the real me! The good, bad and ugly sides... bring it on... no.. It's not judgment day. *smile*

I don't do winters well. I always, at this time of the year get the blues, cabin fever. If I cannot be rub shoulders with Mother Nature... I lose so much energy, I run on Solar Power you know! I might buy me some half-priced flowers today, to brighten up my space... yes, that sounds perfect. sigh.... Yup, I sure do miss my river walks. Soon..

Lately, as you can tell... I have been trippin'. lol... Since I am such a hot or cold soul... I stayed hidden for most of my life. Cold and somewhat reserved.
*smile* Ain't that way these days ... am I? lol... I sure do entertain myself, as I change. I am happy to say... I do accept myself, just as I am. Sure... I do things I don't even understand why. But... I am watching, learning, feeling, experiencing so much more then I thought I would/could/should. 

So... today is a good day. Now.... daylight is burning... time to shower, get prettied-up and go buy a part of my future.

A Forbidden and Unstoppable Love

The past few blogs of mine tells how distorted, sad and confused I have been about a forbidden Love. Just before that I posted stories of Love about a marvelous man, that means the world to me. Our time together has been the best of times in my entire life,... and I am not a young chick neither. All words were spoken from my heart, true and honest.

A Love that is and will always be a whirlwind event! Since I am no child, I have been around the block, as they say, I have experienced many forms, levels of Love. But the Love I share with this man, is made in heaven. There is something, ..Everything so right, pure and natural about this forbidden, unstoppable Love! We really are mirror images of each other, we relate so well to each other. Brutally honest with each other, totally respecting the other, so much unconditional Love!! Very few things, ways, opinions differ for us. Do you know how rare that is? Well, it blows my mind!

We both are paying a high price for each other and at the same time, we are sooooo blessed!!!! Nothing else matters, this Love is screaming to both of us.... Please don't forsake me.

From movies like, Bridges of Madsion County, so many songs, ages of poems tell about two people who falls in Love. We have that Love between us. At times Love does not ask for permission, it just seizes you and takes over every sense of the being. Two souls started out as friends and ended up as Soulmates. I didn't use the word Lovers, because I, us, we fell in Love... first mind to mind, then our spirts connected through words, on here, in letters and many long phone conversations. We Had to meet, face to face. We did... That was it! That was all she wrote... We sealed our Love. There was nothing that could stop this Love now. It got out of control from the get-go for the both of us. We were drawn to one another, a pull we both shared. This Love was over the top ... Special, so right, perfect! But for one thing...

This special man I fell in Love with was under contract with another. A contract that was voided many years ago, for various reasons. Now only a piece of paper, that sheds no support, no Love on either side. Many reasons, good reasons that he can not, ... should not neglect his responsibilities!. I don't like it, nor does he.. but it is what it is!
I will not talk about the details, ain't nobody's business but my baby's and mine! What I have written already is too much. But dear me ... read earlier blogs, and my shared experiences here. There is ...the rest of the story about a good man and a free-sprited wild woman .... Feelings written from the heart that tells of a wonderful, passionate Love story. 

I am a good soul, very spiritual, He is as well. We both have high expectations and requirements for ourselves and others. I have been fighting tooth and He has too, day and night over this forbidden unstoppable Love. That is when we came on EP... Acting our true selves, in Love, sharing and connecting mind to mind and heart to heart! I have learned, like in this issue, and many times in my life, things, people and situations ... It's just not that black and white!!!! Many factors, reasons, not excuses or reasoning out to justify the means...but there are many gray areas in life!

So when I say that this Love of ours is unstoppable, it is! .. (Only between Us and the Divine) will we asnwer to, IF we do... I refuse to be forbidden to have such a deep Love for someone... and not rejoice.
LOVE is made from all that is good and holy. LOVE is top priority in life.
I am blessed to know such a deep LOVE. We are withstanding the circumstances, the long distance, and now a full year has past.... and saying that... We still stand together in Love. We are beating the odds. There is no more to be said.



~ to twist out of the true meaning or porportion
~ to twist out of a natural, normal, or original shape or condition
~ to cause to be perceived unnatural

Love means to never DISTORT oneself to benefit a relationship, you will become DEFORMED!!!!

Blogging From The Heart

I don't want to ever sound like I am bashing anyone, or airing dirty laundry. BUT this is "my" blog, my space, my right to speak from the heart any time I wish... with respect, and truth. No matter if the truth is ugly or makes me ugly. I blog to release emotions, I vent to release thoughts before they drive me crazy!

I have learned so much just by my writings. I learn how I am wired, what changes I go through. I speak from my heart here and in person.

I have turned the page.... Yup, one day is one way and the next is... NOW!

I have set myself free from a sinful situation that caused much distress, much guilt and alot of shame. For nearly one year, I was the other woman.
I walked away from a married man! I will not ever fall for any story like that again.
I was a wife once upon a time to a cheating husband. How could I allow myself to have become someone I hated. I did... and now,... I am not. THE END!


I am standing at attention
Eyes focused straight ahead
Courage is running through me
Mind set
Ready to pivot
Do not blink.

Adding To What I Am

Before I go rattling on, to help me focus, which is hard to do these days... I would like to share some Eastern wisdom, from Taro Gold, From the book ~ Open Your Mind, Open Your Life.
It is easy to be the person you have always been, for it requires no change, no self-reflection, and no growth.
It may appear that changing yourself requires giving up something.
In reality, there is no need to give up anything . . . You simply add to what has been.

I am at a cross-road in my life. It maybe dued to my age and entering this stage of my life. I am a "here and now moment" person... Thank the Heavens! sigh... I am not too happy with myself or my life these days. But if I ever go back into my too much pain, sorrows. So, I don't do that any longer, try not to. ;-) And for the future, well... back to the age thingy... I am at an age that they begin to ... die-out. So, if I am ever going to amount to anything... I best get my act together on quite a few levels. I've been on this kick of what I am not to do to improve myself, to be a better person ...BUT..... there is a list that I need to do and I am quite able to do so! Hello!!! Guess the quote is correct.

Not just wanting to find security for my "golden" years but a must in finding peace of mind. I have settled ALL my life due to insecurities, I have talents, creative talents that if I applied myself, came out of my comfort zone... BELIEVED in myself... I could do quite well for myself. My past experiences with mean souls.. from parents to husbands.. brain-washed me into thinking less of myself.
Heck... I get it now. So, I have so much lost ground I got to recover these days... Yes, my mind and desires tell me..."Daylight a-burning!" This is extremely important to me. I am a spiritual wired soul... That wants so badly to change, been self-reflecting for a while now... and I Need,Want to grow into.... What I dream I can be!

Life Is Taking A Toll

These days I have been quite quiet, drawing all my energies to one spot.
The center of my core.
Trying to find my balance, once again.
I know how, been there and done that.
So, I still myself best I can.
I focus on what I know
Then I draw deeper into my being
To search for the unknown.
Knowing that is where the truth lies.
It's strange to get into this mood.
At the same time, a secure comfort is present.
It's like I have called all Angels to my side
They engulf me with guarding wings as I work this out.
Protecting me from outside influences to alter my focus.
I remain within, till farther notice.


Sex and Woes

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                                       THERE IS NO GREATER
                                       LOVE THAN THE LOVE
                                            THAT HOLDS ON
                                       WHERE THERE SEEMS
                                     NOTHING LEFT TO HOLD
                                                       ON TO.

Love never fails . . . never fades out or becomes obsolete or comes to an end. ~ 1 Corinthians 13:8


You are here now required to go straight to the sleep shop. Your last day is at hand. If you don't believe me, just look at your palm. It has blinked red for the last time and now is black.

Remember Logan's Run, published in 1967, a novel written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. It was a story about how the world handled becoming over populalated and the control over our resources. To sustain balance, when you turn 21 years of age, you are executed. Dear God, right!? A place where people lead dehumanized, fearful lives. To have such discrimination against a particular age-group. To be deprive of human qualities, personality and spirit.

It is now the year of 2014. We live longer now due to our new medical knowledge and medicines. Our resources are limited, down to our supply of drinking water. America has passed new laws, money is required to sustain our health care and the food prices are rocketing out of control.
Which to me means... The elderly, the poor and homeless are about to be executed, slowly but surely! Dear God, help us, so the Sandmen won't chase us down and take our lives.


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

When you think of a magical mirror, you more than likely think of Snow White, and a beautiful, jealous, wicked queen, who gazed into a mirror every day to ask, 'Who's the fairest in the land?"
In reality, each of us is a "mirror" for all who come into contact with us. And everyone we meet serves as a "mirror" in which we can see reflections of ourselves.

A friend of mine was having trouble with her elderly mother. After a long drawn-out illness, her mother had to give up living in her home and came to stay with my friend. Becoming dependent on her daughter made her feel powerless, her pride was hurting. As a result, the mother would lose her temper over little things and constantly criticizing my girlfriend. My friend tried many times to explain her hurtful feelings, but the mother didn't seem to understand. They began arguing, which make things worse.

I listened to my friend as she vented her disappointment in her mother. She broke down and asked what I thought... huh... I started out saying it was the situation her mother was really upset about, not her. I told my friend to try a different approach. Instead of pointing out her mother's "flaws", which only put her mother on the defensive and made the whole situation unbearable .... I suggested that she focus on her mother's good qualities, with postive reaction. I told her to become a magical "mirror" in which her mother could see herself. When your mother is feeling angry, discouraged, "mirror" back at her the postive characteristics she possessed. Talk about the best of the situation. Just try not to allow her mother to upset her and try to send loving thoughts.

I told my friend, there is this special word she could hold in her mind when she felt tempted to snap back at her mother. It's a word Buddists often use. . . Namaste. It means "I honor the great person within you."

I knew it would not be easy, but that it would benefit them both. I told her this wasn't like she was coddling her mother or condoning her actions. She was actually alchemy, transforming her mother through the power of love and creative imagery!

If she could concerntrated on her mother's essential goodness, she would be able to reflect back at her the image of someone she could be proud of. You see.... her mother's bad behavior was due to her loss of self-esteem. If my friend could use this mirroring techniques to encouraged her mother to see herself as the person she'd always loved and valued, rather than the broken down old lady she feared she'd become. Just maybe... before long, her mother would try very hard to live up to the image my friend held for her and to be the best mother she could be to her.

Love is the magical remedy for all that ails a soul!


Talk To The Hand

Till recently, other's opinion influenced me in how I felt about myself. Huh.. I say that but it still brings doubt into the picture... That is why I got lost!! I was listening to everyone's opinion about who, what, where, when and how to be..... blah blah blah.
But, As I search and discovery who I am, it is easier to blow others off when they say... This is how you are or what you do is not the way things should be done.

Alright, I hear you talking. I get what you are saying. But what is good for you may not be for me and "VICE VERSA."
If you "think" I am this way or that, did you ever think that you maybe wrong?

One simply fact, We all react differently to situations, to people, life in general. We all are wired differently. What hurts you may not affect me. What pleases me, may not you. Something you may never want to do, I can't wait to do. What is important to you, isn't to me.

We all want to be our best. We all have ups and downs. We all carry our own crosses. We all are looking to fill a void. We all are searching for peace of mind. We all want love to be in our lives.  We all have experienced pain and sorrows.

BUT . . . .

We are not all created equal!!! Nor do we think equally! Or feel equally about things!!!!

There is one rule in life, protocol that applies to one and all of us  ...
My opinion.... DO NO HARM!

There is no way, how I live my life or how I think could harm you in any way.... Unless you have a closed-mind, and are a judgmental being. Now... talk to the hand!

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